20 DIY Valentine's Date Ideas

Going on dates can be expensive, especially when businesses jump on the Valentine’s Day band wagon and bump up their prices. We know that with the cost-of-living crisis it can be hard to make ends meet. We also know that despite that, you want to make the most of each special occasion this year (because, well, you deserve it!)
Therefore, we’ve got 20 do-it-yourself date ideas that will keep costs down and romance up.
Tip: Can’t decide which one to choose? Write each on a little piece of paper, fold and pop into a mason jar to create your own date night lucky dip.
1. Make your own home cinema (popcorn must be included).
2. Make your own sushi.
3. Have a pamper session with homemade face masks.
4. Cook a romantic meal.
5. Build your own fort and camp indoors.
6. Take it in turns to give massages.
7. Try star gazing.
8. Play your favourite board games.
9. Bake and decorate your own cupcakes.
10. Go fresh fruit picking.
11. Have a fondue night, be it chocolate or cheese.
12. Workout together.
13. Watch the sunset/sunrise.
14. Make a kite and head to the beach.
15. Go for a romantic walk.
16. Learn a magic trick together.
17. Decorate your own tasty pizzas (extra points if you make them love-heart shaped!)
18. Make your own cocktails. The best tasting one wins!
19. Play a two-player video game.
20. Just dance! Turn on the music and have fun together.