3 Wedding Hairstyles You Need to Try

wedding hair
Either you’ve got a handful of invitations or your Instagram is full of people getting hitched, but be rest assured that wedding season is fully upon us. And what better way to start the procession of big days than with the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle last month. A festivity of peonies, lace, designer couture and the now famous Meghan messy bun made the Royal wedding a great platform for inspiration, especially when it came to hairstyles. It can take months of planning your outfit and accessories before even figuring out how this will coordinate with your hair, and if you’re top of the guest list for a wedding then our guide to the best wedding hairstyles is your go-to. 
From classic chignons to capturing the now Duchess of Sussex’s signature style or boho braids, here are the best looks worth trying to complete your leading lady look that’ll take you from the altar to the after party. 
The Classic Chignon
From the moment our eyes fell on the then Kate Middleton during her engagement announcement we knew she would be making us envious from everything to that ring, her dresses and her bouncy hair. It recent times, however, the Duchess of Cambridge has become known to wear her chocolate brown hair in the classic chignon style, all finished with the finest headwear. Not only that, but it's perfect if you want to look like an old-Hollywood starlet, which we think will work just as well. 
Follow these steps to channel this vintage hair style that will complete you whole outfit flawlessly. 
The Boho Braid
Messy hair is the way forward and, if we’re honest, we couldn’t be happier as it means spending a little less time taming the barnet when it really doesn’t want to be tamed. From the Met Gala to the Oscars, even big events are channelling the more breezy looks. The brilliant thing about braids, however, is the many ways you can style them from a plaited bun, side style, or loosely curling before plaiting for the party and letting parts fall out. To add further bohemian vibes to your braid insert tiny flowers here and there that'll also add a side of femininity to the look. 
This up-do will make sure that your floaty dress is finely finished without the need of a salon. 
The Meghan Messy Bun
Yes, albeit a few events when the style of Meghan Markle’s side bun has been pinpoint perfect, her normal aesthetic is let-it-loose. She easily makes it look easy to copy, and whether you wear it at the nape of the neck or on the side this hairstyle will finish of your already-liked-Instagram-look. Plus, the more you let it hang-loose the better, so by the time you’ve danced to every cheesy song going it’ll still look like it was meant to be that bit little messy. What's more is this classic approach to taming the hair will work with more tailored dresses meaning you'll ooze nothing but sophistication on the big day. 
Follow these steps to achieve this flattering look for yourself.