Self Care Challenge

Self care should definitely not be restricted to Sundays as it is is crucial for our physical, emotional and mental well-being. Afterall,

“Self-compassion is simply giving the same kindness to ourselves that we would give to others” (Christopher Germer)

Therefore, we challenge you to 30 days of feeding your mind, body and soul and taking more time to be kind to yourself. Don’t promise to start Monday, next month, next year… start today with these 30 simple rituals:

1. Declutter a room or workspace.

Read our Spring Cleaning blog post for tips and tricks

2. Listen to a podcast.

We love Happy Place by Fearne Cotton

3. Go for a long walk outdoors

Do so in style in Rainbow Leopard Print or Lightning Bolt Leggings by Never Fully Dressed

4. Drink at least 1.5 litres of water.

Upgrade your water with In Bloom Drops

5. Make tea and call your best friend

There’s nothing better than Teami Relax Tea for a night in PJs catching up with your best friend

6. Try something new with your hair.

Accessorise with Alice & Blair to upgrade your locks

Alice & Blair collection

7. Pamper yourself: take a long shower or a bubble bath.

Nothing beats Marrouge Moroccan Radiance Body Wash

8. Random act of kindness.

Why not send a loved one a TBalance Love Rose Quartz Crystal Healing Bracelet which restores trust and harmony in relationships, whilst encouraging unconditional love

9. Buy a pair of shoes that you’ve had your eyes on

We have a bit of a crush on Veja… we know you do too

10. Try something new today.

Why not try sleeping with a Teya Silk Eye Mask and see how it upgrades your beauty rest?

Teya Eye Masks

11. Stretch your entire body.

Further relax those muscles with an Epsom salt bath using the Detox Bath Soak by Wild Source

12. Meditate

It’s time to get a bit deeper. Find pure calm with the EYM Laze Meditative Diffuser

13. Try a new exercise.

Why not get out your Bala Bangles and stream an at-home workout video complimentary of Bala ?

Bala collection

14. Treat your hair to a mask

MONPURE's Nourish and Stimulate Scalp Mask works to improve scalp health by ‘feeding’ hair follicles and skin cells with essential vitamins and nutrients, creating the optimum environment for hair growth. Invigorates an itchy scalp and relieves redness, discomfort and sun damage.

15. Eat a really healthy lunch today.

Compliment your lunch with a Zenii Superfoods infused smoothie to pack in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients.

16. Invite your best friend for a series binge at home

We won’t say Sex And The City but we know you’re thinking it…

17. Say “I am beautiful” out loud 3 times.

‘Heal the woman within’ with Womanology’s Self Love Essence

18. Buy a gorgeous bouquet of flowers

Place the bunch in our favourite Iammi Vase

19. Do one thing you’ve been putting off forever.

You know what it is girl

20. Groom those brows

The Tweezy Brow Shaper is our go-to tool

21. Kick back and live a little.

Feel good endorphins and hormones are released when you self-love, helping relieve tension and stress.

22. Create a list of short-term goals.

23. Make a list of all things you are grateful for.

24. Define what gives you stress.

And rid of the stress with De-Stress Facial Mist by Blooming Blends

25. Treat yourself to something that feels good.

Delicious Golden Mylk Latte by our favourite Wunder Workshop anyone?

26. Detox with a green juice

Made easy with Teami Greens

27. Prepare a new dish for the family to try

28. Start reading a new book

Upgrade your reading glasses look with Talis Chains

29. Buy a dress for the upcoming summer season

Look no further than Sundress

30. Write a love letter to yourself (200 words minimum)