5 Beauty Products We're Currently Obsessed with at Oxygen Boutique

At Oxygen Boutique, we are constantly on the lookout for beauty products that not only elevate your skincare routine but also deliver exceptional results. Today, we're excited to share five of our current obsessions that are making waves in the world of beauty and wellness. From innovative skincare tools to luxurious cleansers and powerful serums, these products are must-haves for your beauty arsenal.

1. MERMAID CRYO TOOL: Dive into Radiant Skin

  • Ergonomically designed to mould to the contours of your face, the Mermaid Cryo Tool rapidly cools the skin, helping to firm and tone the complexion while stimulating blood flow and reducing inflammation.

  • The industry-first combination of gua sha and cryotherapy also kickstarts lymphatic flow to drain toxins and detoxify sluggish skin.

  • Perfect for those with reactive skin prone to puffiness and redness, as well as those seeking healthier, long-term skin benefits.

  • When used regularly, the tool improves circulation, reduces dark circles, fine lines, and lifts sagging skin, leaving you with brighter-looking skin and visibly defined features.

2. TULIP NECTAR CLEANSING CREAM: Decadence for Healthy Skin

  • This decadent cleansing cream is your first step in strengthening the skin barrier function to promote a healthy microbiome.

  • Powered by a fermented beta-glucan trio, ceramides, and our Proprietary Dutch Tulip Complex, this cleansing cream leaves skin superbly clean, hydrated, and restored without feeling tight or dry.


  • Protect your skin from sun exposure and hyperpigmentation with this featherweight formula featuring SPF 50.

  • Healing antioxidants help reduce free radical damage and strengthen the skin barrier.

  • Shields against UV rays, environmental pollution, and blue light while soothing niacinamide and rosemary leaf extract ease inflammation and redness caused by UV light.

4. IMMUNOCOLOGIE LAVA MASK: Harness the Power of Heat Therapy

  • Centuries of wellness practices have recognized the circulation-boosting properties of heat therapy and the benefits of mineral-rich volcanic soils.

  • This mask, using innovative Lava Gel®, brings the power of both to your skincare routine.

  • Heat sends repair-stimulating benefits of 12 essential minerals deep into the epidermis, strengthening and regenerating at the cellular level, leaving your skin hydrated, refreshed, and glowing.


  • Infuse your skin with intense hydration and long-lasting moisture with Hydr8 B5, Medik8's best-selling moisturizing serum.

  • This deeply hydrating, crystal-clear serum sinks in quickly, softening fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin supple, restored, and nourished.

These five beauty products are carefully curated to cater to your skincare needs, ensuring you look and feel your best. Whether you're aiming for radiant skin, a healthy microbiome, sun protection, or deep hydration, Oxygen Boutique has you covered. Explore these exceptional products and elevate your beauty routine to new heights. Your skin will thank you!