5 Ways To Make Self-Care Sundays Work For You

By Sadie Reid, Founder of Luxe + Hardy
Self-care Sundays have become a thing and I for one am loving them. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have two kids, two businesses, two sets of parents and two sets of in-laws plus a bunch of wonderful friends I rarely see, so taking a day out of the week to focus on me is pretty much out of the question. Therefore, I have had to take the theories and principles of this particular rest day and make them work for me, this is how…
1. Time it Right
Work out what time is your favourite time of day to chill and work with that. For me, I love relaxing in the evening when the kids are in bed, but I have a good friend that gets her energy come sunset and loves to indulge in relaxing mornings. Then work out how long you can realistically take for yourself. For me it is two hours - just enough time to have a lovely bath, read a magazine, do my eyebrows (a weekly must) and have a glass of wine or cup of tea - depending on the week(!).
2. Get Others on Board
If you have a lot going on you will need support (and maybe a bit of encouragement) to make sure you stick to your self-care slot! In my case it is getting my husband on board - as if the kids wake up I need to know that he’s up for the challenge of settling them again so that I can completely switch off. Then, once you have come to a decision on the time slot that works for you (and considers others in your family or network if you need to) do what you need to do to safeguard it at all costs; mark it in a calendar; block it off in your diary; stamp it on your partner’s forehead…This time is yours.
3. Wear The Right Clothes
This was the whole reason that I created the luxury rest wear brand, Luxe + Hardy, I feel it is so important to relax and wearing comfy yet also luxurious clothing will not only help you shift into a different gear, it also sends a signal to yourself that you are ready to invest in rest. I have never dressed for other people (anyone who has ever worked with me/hung out with me/or seen me from afar will know this to be true). But I have always felt it is important to dress for my mood. Luxe + Hardy clothes are for the downtime moments in life. The cherished, but oh-so-important downtime moments in life! 
4. Define your Ritual
If you haven't got much time, working out the ritual that helps you acclimatise into a much calmer, happier state of mind will be well worth your time. For me, it absolutely starts with washing my face. I use Emma Hardie’s Cleansing Balm and love the way my face feels after washing it off, followed by REN Vitamin C Toner and Moisturiser. I also really indulge in the ritual of lighting a few candles - a friend introduced me to Cire Trudon and I haven’t looked back since. Then a bath filled with magnesium and aromatherapeutic Neom oils will instantly help me relax. And, if there is enough time both my husband and I also book some time with The Nurture Co, who do amazing at-home massages. Total heaven.
5. Stress Less
Ultimately - this is what it is all about, so make sure that you are not stressing about your self-care Sunday! When I first started investing in rest I felt massively guilty about the whole thing: guilty I was spending time on myself; spending money on myself; guilty that I wasn’t using the time to do something I felt was more productive. But when I started realising the amazing positive benefits it was having, I started to see how important it was. I felt like a better me heading into the week ahead and this impacted my kids, my work, my relationship with my husband all for the better. Now I not only embrace this special moment but celebrate it too.