6 Holiday Destinations to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

dummer holiday bucket list
Summer is very much on its way and with all the summer fashion hitting the shops, the enviable Instagram posts and the touch-and-go spells of sun, it might be time for a summer vacation. For that reason, we’ve put together a list of the hottest holiday destinations that will make you want to get your shades out and soak in some culture and sun.
The "Las Vegas” of Asia Pacific is often seen purely as a haven for luxury and partying. Its rich, cultural heritage is often overlooked but if you’re up for an exploration around a blended Portuguese and Chinese city, Macau will be the place for you. From Hong Kong, get a ferry over to the region for a fix of glitz, glamour and culture.
Hoi An
The little Vietnamese town of Hoi An is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Go scuba diving and relax in a spa for a spellbinding cultural experience in the coastal settlement. After touring the temples and getting lost in the markets, you’ll be able to sample some of the culinary delights that the town has to offer.
The Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba is the perfect sandy paradise for even the most seasoned sun-seekers. Eagle Beach and Baby Beach are perfect backdrops to enjoy the mañana way of life. It’s an ideal couples getaway so if you’re after somewhere romantic with incredible sunsets.
Cape Town
Mountain ranges, cycling routes and hiking tracks make for an adventurous South African trip of a lifetime. The stunning Table Mountain National Park is not the only magnificent site of Cape Town; the botanical gardens and travel along the Cape Peninsula for scenic views of the glorious landscape.
For a short-haul, European city break, Vienna is a must-visit destination. With the beautiful Baroque architecture and the imperial palaces, it really is a storybook city. In the summer months there are plenty of outdoor festivals such as the Donauinselfest. Grab a drink by the Danube River and soak in the sights of Austria’s capital.
Morocco’s Gateway to Africa is a lesser known gem of the North African country. It’s rough around the edges and bursting with Moorish and European culture. Get lost in the alleyways of the Grand Socco and dine in some of the finest rooftop restaurants. Tangier is a hotbed for artists and creatives and it’s easy to see why.