7 Beauty Tricks We’ve Learnt From The Founder of Hollywood Browzer

Hollywood Browzer


One blade, one tiny tool, but so many amazing uses. We sat down with Amy Anzel, the founder and creator behind The Hollywood Browzer tool, to find out how we can all get the most out of this mighty tool. Here it goes…

1. Brow Shaping

It’s what the product was initially designed for, hence the name, but seriously The Hollywood Browzer can give you professionally shaped brows in seconds. “By using the precision tip to remove individual hairs and the straight edge to tidy and straighten the top of the brows, you can get your desired look in literally seconds,” says Amy. “Use the Browzer horizontally above the brows and vertically between the brows. Since I created the device I now cancel threading and waxing appointments and I love that it’s tiny enough to take on my travels, it even passes airport security for being in my hand luggage.”

2. Dermaplaning

Removing peach fuzz and dead skin cells from the face, also known as dermaplaning, is an amazing way to resurface your skin. “Once this layer of hair and dead skin cells has been removed, your makeup will have a flawless finish and your skincare will penetrate more effectively into the skin (so it will work better!)”, comments Anzel. For the best results, always make sure your skin is clean and dry before dermaplaning.

3. Tidying Baby Hairs.

Tidy up those pesky flyaways and baby hairs by reshaping or correcting a patchy hairline with the Hollywood Browzer. “Whether it’s the shape, the new addition of baby hairs or sudden hair loss, The Browzer can quickly and painlessly remove those hairs so you can create your ultimate hairline,” says Anzel. With a cleaner and smoother hairline, you don’t have to shy away from tying a sleek ponytail or up-do.

4. Cleaning Up The Back Of The Neck Between Haircuts

Short hair styles listen up. “This multitasking tool also cleans up any untidy hairs on the neck between haircuts,” says Anzel. “It’s a great little hair removal device that will give you that crisp, smooth and clean line and works well for both women and men to touch-up their cuts without having to book an appointment at the salon or barber.”

5. Removing Stray Hairs On The Body

Missed a spot whilst shaving? Or simply have a rogue hair that you didn’t see before? The Browzer is your new SOS beauty tool for removing those stray hairs, quickly and easily giving you silky smooth skin fuss-free, without the need for jumping back in the shower with your razor.

6. Chin and Upper Lip Hair

This nifty tool not only removes hair from the face and brows, but can be used around the mouth on the chin and upper lip, too. Plus, forget anything you’ve heard about hair growing back thicker, darker or faster after shaving - your hair will grow back exactly the same as it was before removing it with The Browzer.

7. Travel-friendly Hair Removal

Tend to overpack on holiday? So do we. With the ergonomic design of The Browzer, you can slot it into any wash bag and still have space for all your serums and creams. And if you find any stray hairs that your wax therapist might have missed, avoid any embarrassing moments with one quick swipe with the Hollywood Browzer before you hit the beach or poolside.