A Fool Proof Guide To Layering This Autumn Winter

Winter Wardrobe

Autumn Winter holds a very special place in the hearts of the fashion forward. The season begins in one of the most significant months in the fashion calendar, and its arrival brings new trends, inspiration and eagerly anticipated layering. To coincide with cooler months, A/W layering boasts both style and substance. The season lends itself well to buildable looks that are easy to create yet score major style points. In need of a little guidance? Follow our top tips to layering below.

Ensure your base is fitted

Start off your layered look with a tight garment. This will avoid looking ‘bulky’ once all the layers have been added. A turtleneck is a great option.

Make every layer visible

If you’re going spend time hand-picking every layer, you want them all to be visible. Combine different necklines, sleeves and torso lengths to make sure no layer goes unnoticed.

Pair different textures

Adding multiple textures can really elevate an outfit. Silk with knitwear, cotton with denim, leather with cashmere are just a few examples of exemplary combos.

Play with unconventional garments

Look beyond button down shirts and cardigans. The chicest looks combine wrap dresses left open over a t-shirt and jeans, or a boiler suit with sleeves tied round your midriff and a band tee. Don’t be afraid to experiment.