A Heartfelt Conversation on Mental Health: Joanna Nicola and Bryony Gordon Share Their Stories

In a recent intimate conversation, Joanna Nicola, the founder of Oxygen Boutique, and the ever-inspiring Bryony Gordon, sat down to discuss a topic close to both their hearts - mental health. This conversation goes beyond the surface, delving into the personal stories of these incredible women who have faced their own battles and emerged stronger than ever.

Bryony Gordon, known for her advocacy in mental health, revealed the origins of her organization, "Mental Health Mates." She passionately shared the story of how she embarked on this journey, driven by her own challenging experiences. As a successful writer and journalist, Bryony penned the captivating memoir, "Mad Woman," a poignant narrative that navigates the tumultuous emotional rollercoasters many women face.

On the other side of the conversation, Joanna Nicola bravely opened up about the heartbreaking loss of her best friend to suicide just last year. Through tears and vulnerability, Joanna weaved her personal tragedy into practical recommendations for healing. She shared the steps she took to help herself through the grief, ultimately leading her to a remarkable idea – the "Gift of Kindness."

"Gift of Kindness" is Joanna's brainchild, a collection of healing crystals that played a crucial role in her own recovery. Believing in the power of these crystals to bring solace and healing to others, Joanna is on a mission to share this gift with the world.

The live chat, filled with raw emotion and genuine connection, is a testament to the strength found in vulnerability. Both women, through their shared experiences, aim to break down the stigma surrounding mental health and provide a supportive community for those who need it.

To witness this powerful conversation and learn more about Bryony Gordon's Mental Health Mates, Joanna Nicola's Gift of Kindness, and the incredible stories that bind them together, follow the link below. Let's continue the dialogue on mental health, fostering understanding, compassion, and a community of support.

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