A Season of Prints - How to Mix and Match

 mix and match
In honour of the season of prints, we are here to lend a helping hand when it comes to mixing and matching. Because they’re all so gorgeous that choosing just one print would be near impossible. In our opinion, there are far too many ‘rules’ when it comes to mixing prints. They are often old fashioned, out-dated and hold us back from creating some killer outfits. So, rather than a dos and don’ts list, we’ve ditched the don’ts! Instead, here are a few pointers to help you along the way.
Focus on colour not print
It’s easy to get confused when trying to style two completely different patterns. But if you take your attention away from the print for a second and focus on the colour, all becomes clear. If the colours work well together, chances are you’re onto a winner. If in doubt, mixing a dark print with a light print is a good place to start.
Pair prints in the same family
You don’t have to try and match prints that are the complete opposite of each other. You can achieve success through pairing prints from the same family too. Take note of the distribution and scale of the pattern. Choose a large floral and combine with a ditsy print or mix bold stripes with pinstripes. This is a great way to break yourself in and gain a little confidence - before you know it you’ll be a print connoisseur.
Start with the classics and build up
Black and white stripes go with everything, period. And the same goes for trusty leopard print. These classics are super easy to style and provide a great foundation for other patterns to build on. Once you’ve mastered working with larger and smaller prints, there is nothing to stop you from taking on multiple complex patterns at once.
Breaking up the prints
If you want to go for head to toe prints, you go girl! But if you’re a little hesitant, try mixing with block colours or neutrals to act as a filter. Pairing with block colours will help tone down the look, providing the eye with a little respite. You can also break up your prints by wearing them strategically. For example, choose a printed top and shoes, then separate with ‘plain’ trousers such as jeans.
Don’t take things too seriously!
Don’t overthink it! Pairing prints is supposed to be fun and show your creativity. Ignore the rules, rock the boat, turn heads and own it. Looking a little whacky is all part of the fun, and not to mention, stepping outside of your comfort zone can often lead to greatness.