Animal Yoga is Trending, Here's What we Know...

animal yoga
We have all heard of yoga, some of us even hot yoga, but animal yoga? The relaxing practise is taking a step into the animal kingdom and we are going to tell you all about it.
Yoga with animals is taking over the internet. Gone are the days where you were only accompanied by your fellow yoga enthusiasts during a class, we have seen everything from goats to horses to puppies getting involved.
Leading the trend is Goat Yoga, aka Goga. You’ll find all the things you would in your ordinary yoga class: yoga pants, mats, an instructor. Oh, and the addition of a dozen goats. Did I mention you might be in a field too? It’s bonkers, but people are loving it. Sound like your kind of exercise? You’ll be excited to know Goga has come to the UK and you don’t need any experience to take part either. Just follow your instructor and let the goats roam, climb on you and do their thing (pre-warning - yes, there will be poop).
Not a fan of the farmyard? Dog Yoga, (you guessed it, Doga) may be for you. You can bring your own familiar furry friend along to relax, stretch and socialise. Doga classes work by trying to minimise stress and tension felt in yourself that your dog might be able to sense. In return, creating both a happier owner and pooch. 
But will we benefit from the presence of a hairy work-out buddy or is it just for giggles? A bit of both.
You may be surprised to hear; animal yoga can have a positive effect on us both mentally and physically. Spending time with an animal can elevate your mood, lessen anxiety and lower your heart rate. Studies have shown animals can help reduce your levels of stress hormones too, which can lead to lower blood pressure and better cardiovascular health. They say laughter is the best medicine. And whoever ‘they’ is are right. When we laugh, our brain releases endorphins. As any Legally Blonde fanatic will know, endorphins make you happy. They are feel-good chemicals that induce feelings of pleasure and can help relieve pain. Also, laughing burns calories too! So, having a good chuckle during your yoga class might just make it that little bit healthier.
Whether you’ll be signing yourself up to the nearest class straight away or keeping your yoga sessions animal-free, we won’t judge you. Whatever floats your goat, right?