Anne Semonin Spa in Paris

anne semonin spa
It occupies a piece of the beloved heart of Paris, where Rue Ampère meets Rue Puvis de Chavannes, a beauty workshop that uses only the finest tools in the box, it is the one and only Anne Semonin signature spa. Atelier De Beauté is the luxury fortress in which the Anne Semonin brand reigns. It is where the opportunity to indulge in highly effective skincare products can be experienced first hand. Invest in some much-needed time of pampering with top quality Anne Semonin body and face treatments and feel the difference of what a made-to-measure skin care experience makes. 
Regardless of your age or skin type, Anne Semonin’s mission is to provide you with a treatment that is tailored specifically to you and your needs. Restore, rejuvenate and relax and let the world of Anne Semonin work its powerful magic.  
The Treatments
Your skin is the largest organ of your body and should therefore always be treated with the utmost tender love and care. Anything from anti-aging, balancing, brightening, firming, detoxifying and more, Anne Semonin’s list of face and body treatments set out to accomplish different results depending on your needs. Taken into the trusted hands of Anne Semonin’s skincare experts, discover luxury treatments like a 55-minute cryo time freeze facial or a 2-hour heavenly anti-stress face and body experience or even a cocooning body scrub; ingredients of white sand and pink quartz crystal powder work together to exfoliate and sweep away dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling as soft and as youthfully radiant as a babies bottom. 
The active and powerful ingredients of Anne Semonin products are designed to penetrate deep into the many layers of the skin, allowing for ultimate detoxification and rapid regeneration. Restore that youthful glow or take some much-needed time to de-stress your body and mind and completely refresh. 
Something for Everyone
As much as women tend to be the number one advocates for beauty and skincare pampering, the luxurious treatments at Anne Semonin spa in Paris are designed for everyone and anyone. Men, teenagers or mothers-to-be, Atelier De Beauté offers an Anne Semonin experience for all individuals who are seriously interested in improving their skincare. 
For men, they can indulge in a number of face or body scrubs, remedies and massages. From a detoxifying and purifying facial where natural sea minerals and essential oils are combined with steam leaving an extremely smooth and clear complexion of the face to a back, face and scalp revitalizer treatment, men have just as much of an opportunity to be absolutely spoiled rotten in the beauty department.  
For the youthful teens of today, a perfect pedicure, soothing neck and back massage or fantastic facial are to name but a few of the simple and age appropriate pleasures they can experience at the Anne Semonin spa. 
For the mothers-to-be, Anne Semonin will be the ultimate relax haven and saving grace as they have the option to choose from a carefully curated and tailored list of treatments. The treatments are designed to provide just the right amount of nourishment that soon to be mothers so desperately need during their time of pregnancy. A baby bliss pregnancy facial or a glowing mother-to be body massage, are a few of the luxuries worth indulging in to make for smoother and more relaxing transitions throughout your pregnancy.