Apply Your Lashes Like A Pro

Wearing false eyelashes is a commitment. Once you start, you’ll never feel complete without your favourite pair of falsies again (I didn’t choose the lash life, the lash life chose me). However, applying eyelashes perfectly isn’t as easy as it seems. The image of one awkwardly half hanging off your lash line without you realising is a genuine fear. And we won’t stand for it any longer. We picked the brains of the team at Sweed Lashes, the brand whose false eyelashes find themselves gracing the faces of A-list celebs including Kim K and Reese Witherspoon. They’ve shared with us a six-step guide on how to apply a pair like a pro, so you’ll never have to live in fear of a wonky lash again.

Bonus Tip:

There’s no need to throw your false eyelashes away after one wear. “Our lashes are made of the finest quality and can be used up to 10 times,” says Sweed Lashes, “Just peel off the lashes from the outer corner of your eyes after using them. Peel off the glue carefully that is sticked to the band [and] store them in our beautiful box til you use them next time.Just make sure your lashes don’t come into contact with water or makeup remover and you’re good to go!