Are You Ready to Try Horizontal Ombré Lips?

red ombre lip
red lip
Oh the ombré lips how glossy you look, albeit also a little scary to try, right?  The trend has been around for some time, yet for this season they’ve been vamped up to fetish thanks to Helmut Lang, who decided his models would work the horizontal style rather than the tried and tested outer to inner lips combo. Following on from last year when Givenchy made this move, the new ombré lip seems to be going strong, although not one you’re about to see daily anytime soon. Thankfully beauty brands from Givenchy, Bobbie Brown, Smashbox and Benefit have all made it a little easier to achieve the look and with lasting power, too. So gone are the days you need to spend hours watching those ‘How-to’ videos and even longer to apply the right shades in the right places. It’s all about sculpting the lips so don’t be put off if you can’t achieve this first time; it’s a tricky one unless you’re a pro. 
red ombre lip
To achieve the look it’s all about making sure you pick the right shades for you and work with glossy, well-prepped lips. So, to start, make sure you dap on that balm and then apply the lighter shade all over the lips. Then take the darker shade and gently swipe the colour from the outer corners in. 
Top Tips: It may be a good idea to line the lips with the same shade as the base colour for a sharper, more defined look. Also, try use a lip brush to blend the two colours.  
It’s a great look no matter your skin or hair colour, especially when you’re looking to impress in the evening alongside that wow dress! Lipstick is the perfect way of updating your look without having to splash-the-cash and can easily be changed up with the million and one shades that is now available to us lipstick lovers.