The Surpassing Subject of Wellness

asia health and wellness
The surpassing subject of "wellness” has taken Asia by storm. Moving on from kale shakes and lattes served in avocados, 2023 is bringing beauty cafes and the modern sauna. It's an exciting time to be alive, with so many ways, current and primal, to enhance ourselves. We're redirecting our ranks, personally and as a collective by encompassing advanced apparatus to help us. So check out our new array of addictive Asian wellness fads. 
Loosen up and replenish at one of Asia’s spa’s that implement numerous treatments that putsall five senses on extraordinary alert and enriches overall happiness and health with a universal tactic. At orthodox spas, where wellness and relaxation is the focal point, the use of natural essentials, where the serenity of the forest or the numinous star-filled sky, take centre stage, crafting a universe that exceeds the everyday and permits the user to attach to all five senses. 
It may have the pun-averse and camping traditionalists up in arms, but glamping (glamorous camping) is here to stay. Making the outdoors great again, with resorts popping up at some of Japan’s most iconic locations, there’s never been a better time to sleep al fresco. In Japan, glamping is taking on wellness and beauty themes, with activities including beach yoga, jogging by the sea and moon-bathing. So stimulate your wellbeing by waking up to the perfect view of Mount Fuji or splash around in the emerald waters of the Seto Inland Sea.
New Beauty Cafes
The amount of cafes run by beauty brands has been snowballing all over Asia. Targeting to encompass the beauty and wellness notion to food and drink in order to deliver a comprehensive body refurbish. Emerging notions are taking the wellness cafe theme even further, the Japanese brand Botanist which opened a shop and cafe in Tokyo, L’Occitane's cafe, featuring its signature Provence theme in Shanghai, and Kiehl’s first ever cafe in Taipei, which opened in June. 
The Modern Sauna 
The traditional Korean jjimjilbang is a day spa with saunas and hot tubs, visited by locals is getting a makeover. Just outside of Seoul, a new spa called Aquafield has opened. Appreciate the picturesque view of the Han River and the mountain beyond while floating on the L shaped infinity pool, which is the lengthiest pool in Korea or head in to the saunas to invigorate yourself. The range of rooms that you can relax in include a salt room, intense heat room, charcoal room, a room that oozes in mist like a cloud coming through, media room (360 panoramic video + light heat spa) and a wood room resembling a forest.