AVYA Day Moisturiser Review

Avya Review



AVYA Skincare’s Day Moisturiser combines powerful extracts with ancient botanicals to create a signature blend that hydrates, brightens and clarifies. With additional protection against environmental stressors and anti-inflammatory benefits, this product is the ultimate in-a-rush morning moisturiser.

The AVYA Day Moisturiser arrived in beautiful, minimal packaging that instilled its luxury from the start. The product itself has a subtle smell that is far from clinical and a gorgeously creamy texture. It includes a reasonable SPF factor of 20, and although I would usually opt for more protection, the ease of applying one product rather than two lessened my concern. Upon application, it quickly absorbed and left no greasy residue but a velvet-like softness on my skin with a matt finish (one that I didn’t predict to last on my oily dehydrated skin). It’s worth mentioning I am a daily victim of 2pm grease. I’ve tried various products that have marginally helped or hindered the situation but never found one that was a roaring success. Until now. For the first time in what feels like forever, my skin was matt all day. No excess oil, no shine, just exactly how I looked after application that morning.

When wearing AVYA my skin felt plump, soft and hydrated. Most importantly, I finally felt in control of how glowy I wanted my skin to look. Some days I added a drop of facial oil to my foundation to boost my glow and for my problematic areas, which before this trial I presumed was my entire face, I used a little extra product for more hydration. I found the perfect combination that worked seamlessly with my skin, mainly thanks to AVYA keeping oil at bay and providing the greatest base.

AVYA’s Day Moisturiser proved to me the importance of quality products and that it wasn’t just my skin that was awkward. In my opinion, it’s a must-try. A ground-breaking product for the busy and the oily (and essential if both!).