Bath Time Bliss

No matter the day, weather or time of year, there’s nothing better than a relaxing soak before bed. Whether you’re left slipping into the sheets feeling sleepy or seductive, you’re guaranteed to have silky soft skin, smell gorgeous and sleep blissfully with our carefully curated selection of bath products. 


This Moroccan radiance body oil wash is infused with powerful essential oils of Moroccan rose, oud and antioxidant rich Argan, leaving skin feeling clean, silky soft and radiant.


Wild Source 

Detox Salt Scrub by Wild Source. The ultimate treat to self - bathe in a detoxifying blend of epsom, dead sea and Himalayan pink salts when you’re feeling achy or tired and your body will thank you fo it. Also thrown into the mix is a beautiful blend of rosemary, juniper, lavender and lemon to calm the mind, loosen tense muscles and fill your bathroom with the most beautiful aroma.

Kiss The Moon

Magnesium rich mineral salts to ease tired muscles and soften the skin. Infused with our LOVE blend of ROSE, FRANKINCENSE, PALMAROSA & YLANG YLANG essential oils, to rejuvenate body and soul at bedtime 



Nuddy takes things back to basics with soaps that are suitable for vegans, 100% plastic-free. They look good, make you feel great and smell absolutely delicious. Wait till you peel them open, your whole bathroom will be filled with their scent.