Be Selective With Your Sunscreen: Our Top 3

Summer is in full swing, and while it's a time to celebrate the sun and all its glorious warmth, it's also a time to be mindful of your skin.   

We all know that sunscreen is important to protect your skin from sunburns, but it's also crucial for preventing long-term damage like wrinkles and skin cancer. But if you're not using the right sunscreen or applying it properly, you can actually do more harm than good. We've curated our sunscreen top 3 list for this summer based on your skin's needs!

Make sure you’re using at least an SPF 30, preferably 50, that is broad spectrum.

It’s so important that you make sure your SPF is high. That’s because SPF50+ filters out 98% of UVB radiation, while SPF30 blocks out 96.7% of UVB. We recommend our We Are Feel Good Inc’s Signature Sunscreen. Blocking both UVB and UVA rays, this sunscreen will provide you with 4 hours worth of water resistant protection, giving you maximum coverage! The bonus? It’s free from parabens, PABAs, oxybenzone and octinoxate. 

Know how much sunscreen you need and how often you should reapply. 

You should be reapplying your sunscreen every two hours. “But what about make-up?” you ask. We totally get it. Luckily, Decree Skincare has you covered. Their Day Shield is the perfect daily protection against UV rays, pollution and blue light from your PC screen, making it an essential product in your skincare regime. Easy to use, this sophisticated environmental shield is delivered in an invisible mist which absorbs easily over makeup, so you can top it up effortlessly throughout the day. UV filter, titanium dioxide is blended with sunscreen zinc oxide to ensure your complexion is shielded, whilst the addition of collagen-protective peptides and antioxidants keeps your skin firm and supple. They've even added rose water to provide a refreshing and hydrating boost.

Stay safe, but feel your best.

Streaky sunscreen, white-shadows and sweaty pores – yes, we’ve all been there. There is nothing worse than feeling hot and sweaty already, and applying sunscreen that makes you feel ten times worse. Holidays are all about feeling (and looking) your best. That’s why we’re loving 35 Thousand All-In-Day SPF 30 serum! It is a lightweight, daytime moisturiser that’s broad spectrum. The secret ingredient? A sheer, skin perfecting tint. It works beautifully with all skin-tones and works beneath cosmetics. “Your skin, but better”.