Beauty Brand of The Month: Amatera

The story of our July beauty brand of the month starts where all good stories start – in the kitchen. This line of luxury skincare focuses on enhancing natural beauty, a concept we can appreciate here at Oxygen Boutique. “Luxury skincare with a conscience”, Amatera is our latest clean beauty crush.

When founder Dominique Nemery was unable to find natural skincare products that worked for her, she decided to design and formulate her own in the comfort of her kitchen. After she was showered with compliments on her glowing, youthful skin, Dominique started to make small batches of creams and lotions for her friends and family. With such success, Amatera was born.

Amatera’s exclusive blend of 12 organic oils and intelligent concept is what separates them from their competitors. Their formulas adapt and work with the skin, unifying to create a powerful partnership between product and base. Quality active ingredients are carefully selected for their benefits across the range of silky serums and creams. Amatera emphasises utilising natural beauty and cleverly crafts products to help improve the foundations we are innately gifted with. In a world where cosmetic procedures are so accessible, Amatera’s approach is a refreshing reminder that there is always a place for natural beauty. Clean, pure skincare powered by you, we just can’t resist.