Beauty Brand of the Month: Blooming Blends


What if we told you that ‘Mind, Body, Soul’ connection that we lack in modern life can be attained in a blend that fits in pocket of your jacket or handbag? That you could balance and strengthen your mind, digestion and sleep quality with a drop on the tongue?

At Oxygen Boutique, we love a female visionary, and Blooming Blends founder Fleur Sladen definitely meets the definition. A former cook with a passion for botanicals and their strengthening properties, the long hours working in the kitchen left Fleur needing an uplift, dreaming of natural, balancing boosters that were as easy to use as they were effective. And so Blooming Blends was born.

Using plant power and traditional methods, the unique blends range from happiness and sleep remedies, to brain boosters and sexual stimulators. There really is a remedy for everyone to benefit from!

With global uncertainty causing growing stress levels amongst the population, many have been left with anxiety and lacking in restful sleep – incredibly damaging to our mental and physical health. That is why we are turning to Blooming Blends to help us achieve greater calm and balance with the De-Stress and Sleep Easy facial mist and tinctures, as well as the Be Happy and Fatigue Fix remedies.