Beauty Brand of the Month: E Cooking

e cooking
Developed and produced in Denmark, E Cooking is the brainchild of Tina Sogaard – the skincare supremo with 20 years’ experience under her belt. Sogaard wanted to create beauty products using honest ingredients. Her journey began in her very own kitchen, where she started to jar up her creations – E Cooking was born. 
The establishment of E Cooking proves guilt-free skincare is possible. Their products are formulated from 100% organic ingredients, natural oils included, and parabens excluded. They are also suitable for vegans, with the exclusion of those containing natural beeswax (inc. Multibalm and Lip Balms). To prove these products’ unequivocal innocence, they are even edible and encased in completely recyclable packaging. E Cooking will cater to your every skincare need, offering serums, creams, masks, capsules and derma rollers. Across the entire range, E Cooking defines pellucid beauty. You will find no nasties hidden in their philosophy or products. When it comes to skincare, you get out what you put in. And when you put in the beauty of nature, expect nothing less as a result.