Beauty Brand of the Month: Eleni & Chris

Mother’s Day may have come and gone, but the powerful bond between mother and daughter remains strong for life. Our beauty brand of the month is a beautiful example of what a mother and daughter duo are capable of. For May, it must be Eleni & Chris.

Eleni & Chris was founded by Inger Elle and her daughter Christinah Nicolaisen. Their range of hair and skincare products are fuelled by unique ingredients found in Scandinavia. It’s these potent components that make Eleni & Chris’s products so special. Not only do they use SEA3oil™, one of the purest omega oils in the world, but also the respected cloudberry. Cloudberry hosts an abundance of vitamins, especially vitamin C, to help protect the skin from environmental damage.

The brand’s success is thanks to none other than its incredible creators. Inger has since become one of Scandinavia’s most valued entrepreneurs, in addition to having heavy involvement in children’s charities across the world. She has even founded her own children’s foundation, A Hand To Children, of which Eleni & Chris donations a proportion of its profits too. But it’s impossible for Inger to steal all the limelight with her superstar fashionista daughter Christinah around. Christinah studied Business and Fashion at the London College of Fashion, Central St Martin and several top universities from Spain, Mexico and France. Her passion and optimism undoubtably added to the brand’s achievements.

Eleni & Chris and their award-winning products give us the taste of Scandi beauty we’ve always wanted. Get your fix today!