Beauty Brand Of The Month: Ellactiva


Even though the change of seasons has given most of us a literal spring in our step, sometimes we need a little bit more to fully coax our bodies out of hibernation. This month’s title goes to a brand that will wake you up and leave you feeling as fresh as the spring breeze, inside and out. Say hello to Ellactiva.

When Marcelo Bravo embarked on a journey to re-balance his life, he discovered a love for practising yoga and harmonising the connection between mind, body and spirit. Bravo’s background in international beauty and wellness, coupled with a fuel for personal change led him to create Ellactiva. Ellactiva offer a range of soft chews packed with pharmaceutical nutrients, vitamins and minerals to help the body reach a wellness equilibrium. With real solutions and proven benefits, each Ellactiva product is designed to target areas of lacklustre wellbeing and provide you with a fulfilling boost – whether that be for immune support, skin radiance, energy levels, bone health or something more. Their deliciously unique soft chew technology ensures optimum delivery of nutrients, not to mention they taste incredible. Bravo’s mission is to encourage the world to embrace a holistic approach to wellness. With Ellactiva by our sides, this is more than possible.