Beauty Brand of the Month: Hayo’u

If you haven’t heard of or seen any Hayo’u beauty tools, you must have taken at least a 2-year break from social media. And for once, the hype is totally justifiable. Founded by acclaimed Chinese medicine practitioner and best-selling author Katie Brindle, Hayo’u is the ground-breaking self-treatment method that enables you to totally master your health.

So how did it all begin? Founder Katie always dreamt of becoming an opera singer, but a serious car crash spun her life in a different direction. She had lost her singing voice, but soon discovered the immense self-healing power of Chinese medicine. 20 years on and Katie has witnessed how ancient wisdom can help many of our modern ailments – from poor skin and bad digestion, to adrenal fatigue, depression and anxiety.

The aim of the brand is to show you that we all hold within us the power to treat ourselves better. Carefully designed beauty tools form part of one-minute rituals that are intended as a simple place to start.