Beauty Brand Of The Month: Kaplan MD

December’s beauty brand of the month is all about luxury and simplicity, two ideas that form the foundations of great skincare. Kaplan MD was founded by Beverly Hills Dermatologist Dr Stuart Kaplan, who has worked in the industry for over 28 years and gathered an impressive clientele of celebrities, models and beauty icons in the process. Dr Kaplan wanted to create a line of products that allowed those at home to achieve beautiful skin using a simple routine powered by the best, most essential ingredients. The brand was born.

Today we find ourselves bombarded by a plethora of beauty products that are surrounded by a haze of unclear claims. However, Dr Kaplan’s extensive knowledge, constant development and ethical transparency instils confidence that his products are not only safe but extremely effective. He continues to work with his clients daily while developing new skincare solutions, crafted from the most potent active ingredients. Dr Kaplan believes that beautiful, healthy skin is much easier to achieve than imagined and aims to prove this with products that deliver incredible results effortlessly.

Kaplan MD have been awarded the Butterfly Mark for recognition to social and environmental sustainability in addition to proudly promoting no testing on animals or use of parabens, sulfates and phthalates in their products. It proves Kaplan MD is intelligent and innocent, a combination both rare and respected in the world of beauty.