Beauty Brand Of The Month: Kat Burki

2020 is the year we’re leaving all things unnecessary behind. Bad vibes, toxic relationships, pointless filler ingredients used to dilute skincare, to name a few. Finding the last point harder to come by? Look no further than our February beauty brand of the month, Kat Burki

Kat Burki are pioneers in their field. Their products are driven by nutritional science, meaning every ingredient is carefully selected for its purpose. This results in powerful blends cold-pressed into nutrient dense formulas that form the finest skincare. Every product contains Kat Burki’s Super Nutrient Complexes, intelligently created for maximum potency and performance. These effective formulas leave no room for components that do not add value such as water or alcohol. Instead, exceptional ingredients can shine without being weakened. As a result, their personalised product lines combat skin concerns and make remarkable results achievable for all. Healthy, youthful and radiant looking skin is happening in 2020.

One of our favourite products from the collection is the Super Nutrient Elixir. Designed to tone and enrich the skin, it provides essential nourishment via Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, electrolyzed Rose Water and cold-processed natural oils. We love a product with multiple benefits and since the Super Nutrient Elixir can soothe, hydrate, purify, calm, refine and brighten, we’re onto a winner. What’s more, it can be reapplied throughout the day for continuous skin profits or to set makeup with a quick spritz. Handbag essential? We think so too.