Beauty Brand of the Month: Laneways

 Meet our exclusive beauty brand of the month, where the co-founders took inspiration from self-doubt and supposed idealist Western beauty standards, then created something beautiful from it. To what the untrained eye would see as just another line of lipsticks, we learn that Laneways is much more than this. A message that the beauty industry is changing for the better.
Growing up in Thailand, the co-founders felt pressured by the heavy influences of the Western beauty image. Products boasting of skin lightening properties are sadly becoming the norm, as women strive for paler skin being fooled into thinking that it is more beautiful. The Laneways co-founders set designing beauty products that would encompass all skin tones, races and cultures whilst celebrating them all. They created a line of vegan, gluten-free, nude matte lipsticks that are comprehensive of all complexions and add moisture with every application. Their clever balm-like formula, although matte, is super hydrating and will never leave your lips dry. Can’t wait to find your perfect go-to-nude? Shop the post below.