Beauty Brand of the Month: MONPURE

Often when it comes to beauty, we tend to consider our hair and skin care two separate routines. However, MONPURE wanted to bridge this gap and highlight how hair loss and thinning is directly correlated with the skin through the scalp. 

Studies have shown that the scalp ages just as fast as the skin on your face – in addition to being plagued by environmental agitation: hard water, sun and pollution. Not to mention pore-clogging silicones in your shampoo. Add a good dose of stress and hormones and you’ve got a recipe for hair loss and thinning, which affects 40% of women and 70% of men in their lifetime. 

So MONPURE’s collective of beauty experts, dermatologists and scientists have established a revolutionary range of hair products that maximise your scalp health so that your hair can be as fabulous and nourished as it should be (and look).

The natural ingredients nourish and care for the scalp, the natural fragrances boost the mood and helps banish stress.

We also love that all the Monpure formulas are free from sulphates, silicone and parabens and all testing processes are vegan, cruelty-free and non-toxic. 

Try MONPURE today- and thank us later..(your scalp will too!)