Beauty Brand of the Month: Ouli's Ointment

oulis ointment

If it was ever possible to harness beauty secrets in a balm, Ouli’s Ointment has managed to do so. Our Beauty Brand of the Month was founded by make-up artist Stephanie G-M, who came to a dead end when looking for a multi-purpose beauty balm that was natural, organic and would suit all the skin types of her A-List clientele. Stephanie decided to begin developing her own beauty balm, using ingredients inspired by her grandmother’s olive groves on the Greek island of Zakynthos, combined with natural sources of vitamin E; Ouli’s Ointment was born.

"Cosmetics these days have a lot of chemicals in them so I like using natural and organic products as much as possible. I know how well nature works and skin responds and reacts to these natural ingredients.” – Stephanie G-M
Ouli’s Ointment is a blend of four very special ingredients: olive oil, beeswax, chamomile and sunflower oil. These skin loving ingredients unite to create a pot of pure magic whose purposes are vast and impressive. From healing and hydrating to soothing, priming and highlighting, there is nothing that this balm cannot be used for. Ouli’s Ointment takes the term ‘multi-purpose’ and supercharges it. All these uses and still completely free of chemicals and irritants? Somebody pinch us, are we dreaming?
Loved by supermodels and make-up artists alike, Stephanie uses her specially created balm on models and famous faces. They all show their love for a product that has so many uses including highlighting cheekbones and mixing with powder formulas to transform them into pigmented creams. Ouli’s Ointment opens the door to endless beauty possibilities. This essential compact is a total must-have.