Beauty Brand of The Month: Teami Blends

February is the month of love and you will fall head over heels for our chosen beauty brand. This company specialises in blending nature’s finest ingredients to create unbeatable wholesome formulas for your skin and body. High-end and pure with an irresistible aesthetic, Teami Blends is our latest beauty heart-throb.
Teami Blends is an all-natural healthy lifestyle company based in Florida, USA. When their co-founder and CEO Adi Arezzini suffered from digestive health issues after military service, she sought an unprocessed alternative to the already available medicines. Unable to find a more natural digestive product, Adi began crafting her own and Teami Blends was born.
Now the home of skincare products, teas and accessories, Teami Blends has become a master of its trade. The brand’s unusual approach of working backwards means every blend helps to solve a specific problem whether it be stress, bloating, tiredness or lack of focus (to name a few!). Each cleverly formulated recipe is tried, tested and tasted to ensure every product tastes as good as it looks. And visually they are dreamy, especially the skincare products. The romantic Glow Oil is kissed with rose petals and cinnamon bark while chamomile immerses the healing Repair Oil. Not to mention their exotic green detox clay mask that is blessed with Matcha Green Tea and all its nourishing properties. Natural, beautiful and effective, we consider all boxes ticked. Teami Blends – will you be our Valentine?