Beauty Brand Of The Month: Uma Oils

The recent heat and humidity have caused us to have more than our fair share of face oil. So much so we could almost start our own production line. But not all face oils are created equal. Some are an unwanted consequence of thirty-something degree heat, others are carefully crafted with luxury in mind – Uma Oils included.

Uma Oils has a very special heritage. Their ancestors mastered the art of blending oils in Ayurvedic traditions and this knowledge has been passed down for centuries to give us the incredible blends available today. The Uma Estate farms the finest botanicals in its 100-acre meadow filled with nutritious soil. Their planting and harvesting techniques, although provide less produce, ensure a pure and beneficial yield. Uma Oils’ blends are well-respected in their industry and supply to some of the world’s most honoured beauty brands, from Tom Ford to Estee Lauder.

The brand was founded by Indian-raised Shrankhla Holecek. Upon moving to Beverly Hills, Shrankhla noticed the modernisation and ill-use of Ayurvedic practises. Frustrated, she created Uma Oils to provide justice to her family’s heritage. The name follows Shrankhla’s beloved Aunt Uma, a remarkable woman who radiated beauty inside and out until the day she died. Shrankhla wants to celebrate the Uma in all of us and carry the message her aunt once told her, ‘true beauty is found in simplicity, integrity and equilibrium’ – a value embodied by the brand.

Uma Oils prides itself in craftsmanship, defining luxury as more than a label. Every bottle is a composition of attentive agriculture, treasured heritage and exquisite ingredients. When tested by over a thousand women, 93% noticed visible improvements with regards to skin brightness, clarity and reduction in fine lines. Uma Oils is rich in both culture and quality. It is these traits that make their products undoubtably superior.