Beauty Brand of The Month: Vitamin Injections

If there’s one thing Vitamin Injections has proven on the market, it’s that not all supplements are made equal.

Vitamin Injections London has earned its reputation as the one-stop destination to wellness, offering IV infusions of only the highest quality vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients.

However, needles may not be for everyone, and oral supplementation just wasn’t providing the efficacy the clinic wanted. And so, Vitamin Injections London introduced transdermal vitamin supplements, which provide absorption of up to 90% of active ingredients through the skin, in comparison to the maximum of 15% that is commonly derived from oral supplements. Nutrients are absorbed by the skin through the pores and enter directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive tract that oral supplements have to travel through.

As one of the most convenient, simple-to-use forms of vitamin, nutrient, mineral and antioxidant supplementation available, the application of one patch can provide up to 12 hours of transcutaneous ingredient delivery into the body. Thus, giving your body exactly what it needs, where it needs it thanks to the power of Vitamin B12, B Complex, D3, Glutathione and Hair and Nail transdermal supplementation.

Try the award-winning skin patches today and begin your journey toward better health.