Beauty Brand of the Month: Yu-Be

yu bee
For this month’s beauty brand, we’re taking off to Japan for a range of products that promise total body hydration. A perfect fit to ward off dry, itchy and dehydrated skin as the weather starts to turn colder, all thanks to Yu-Be.
Yu-Be has been Japan’s top-selling vitamin-enriched skin cream ever since it was invented back in 1957. Its long-lasting success speaks volumes about these products, not to mention they have elevated skincare to new heights, with a tube of Yu-Be being used at the top of Mount Everest! The combination of wholesome ingredients and Yu-Be’s secret manufacturing process is what makes this cream uniquely effective.
Their natural formula is a highly concentrated glycerin cream that contains a cocktail of skin-loving ingredients. The presence of vitamin E, vitamin B2, Sodium Hyaluronate and Camphor fuels the cream’s ability to moisturise, replenish and sooth your skin. You won’t find any artificial dyes, fragrances or petrolatum either. In fact, their formula is so gentle is can be used on the whole family, including young children and infants. Yu-Be’s versatility allows their creams to help combat multiple skincare woes such as dry patches, damage from frequent hand washing and exposure to cold weather and wind. It can also help heal burns and minimise scarring. So, if there is one gift you treat your skin to this winter, let it be Yu-Be.