Beauty’s Newest Buzzword - Turmeric!

In the last year the beauty world has embraced turmeric into every dimension of life. From Facemasks to Hot Chocolate – it seems that this Indian herb really is the new spicy beauty accessory. But does this latest trend live up to expectations?

Whilst its rise into our beauty cupboards has been sudden, the use of Turmeric for health and cosmetic purposes is not as revolutionary as it may first appear – with the spice having a long historical lifespan, with communities in Eastern cultures having used it for hundreds of years.

Recently, science has started to confirm what has been believed in these communities since the Ancient times - that Turmeric does pack a serious punch in terms of health benefits.

The predominant active ingredient in Turmeric is compound Curcumin, proved to be a powerful antioxidant and a strong anti-inflammatory. Inflammation in the body is linked to the cause and contribution to many Western diseases such as Alzheimer’s and heart disease – hence the spice’s medical historical use.

If the health benefits alone aren’t enough reason to try the spiciest product on the market, the extensive range of Turmeric skincare products now readily available means you can give the golden spice a shot on your body rather than in it. As any beauty junkie knows, any product with a strong antioxidant presence has the potential to provide glow to tired skin. If that wasn’t enough, the anti-inflammatory property calms and heals the skin, ideal for anyone suffering from acne scarring or breakouts.

What way will you be trying out Turmeric – in your morning Latte or as your new self-care Sunday face mask?

Pick whichever way works for you with our extensive new range of Turmeric products from Golden Grind – and see the benefits of the new spice on the block for yourself.