Before Bed Beauty

We’ve all heard of ‘beauty sleep’. It’s a proven theory in both science and storybook that the two go hand in hand. Research has shown our skin enters ‘repair mode’ as we snooze to undo damage from the day and restore that gorgeous glow, all before you wake. If that’s not productive, we don’t know what is! We want to take full advantage of those forty winks. Therefore, we’ve selected products that will maximise every aspect of your beauty sleep from drifting off to boosting hydration.

Soak away the day’s stress in these Orange and Geranium bath salts. Designed to ease the muscles and the mind, take to bed only soft skin and positive feelings. 


Candle in Soul by EYM


 Encase your entire bedtime regime with the synthetic-free scent of orange blossom, neroli and ylang ylang. The perfect combination to relax you to the core.  


Intensive Night Crème by Bee Yu


Formulated with quality ingredients rich in antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids, this product will hydrate your skin as you sleep. Prepare to wake up with the best natural glow.


Repair Oil by Teami Blends


Help your skin during the repair process with this infused oil by Teami Blends. Specially selected ingredients work to fight breakouts, reduce signs of aging and accelerate cell and tissue regeneration as you dream the night away.


Love Rose Ritual Bedside Set by Kiss The Moon


 Finish your bedtime routine with this dynamic duo; a deeply nourishing overnight hand cream and beautifully scented pillow mist. No need to count sheep.