Benefits of Dairy-Free Living

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Long associated with veganism, diverting from dairy was viewed more of a personal-ethical decision than a solution to intolerance and allergy. But as the only species that consume milk after infancy, humans are becoming highly intolerant to the white stuff.
But now, living a dairy-free life has never been so easy (and stylish). With celebrities from Khloe Kardashian to Jessica Alba crediting their svelte figures to ditching the dairy, should we all be on the dairy-free wagon too? Allergies and food intolerances are peaking and more and more of us are suffering from a sad gut, so how exactly will adopting a dairy-free diet help our bodies? 
Reduced Bloating 
Fancy a few slices of pizza on a Friday night? Or maybe some glorious mac & cheese on a rainy January day? But even the thought of all that dairy isn’t appealing to everyone, especially when it comes to the dreaded dairy-bloat. One of the main reasons people eliminate dairy from their diet is primarily due to intolerances such as lactose and cow’s milk. Dairy products such as milk, cream, cheese and ice cream can cause abdominal pain and discomfort as the body can’t break down the sugar (lactose) found in dairy produce. Suddenly eliminating dairy from your diet isn’t advisable, but slowly decreasing your dairy intake and replacing it with low-lactose options such as more natural and aged cheese can help, before moving on to dairy-free alternatives such as coconut, soy or almond milk. 
Digestion Improvements 
With an estimated 75% of the population unable to digest dairy products, and more dairy-free options available now than ever, it’s never been easier to start living a dairy-free life. By ditching the dairy, you’re guaranteed to feel a huge improvement in your digestive health too, with less bloating, nausea, acute abdominal pain and other gastro-intestinal issues, the sooner you say bye-bye to Brie, the better you’ll feel for it.
Sparkly Skin 
Okay, so you might not twinkle in sunlight the same way as the Cullen family in Twilight, but cutting out dairy can help clear up unsightly blemishes – no concealer necessary. Milk contains growth hormone– which is used to help calves grow, but when given to us humans, can be a trigger for acne. Adopting a dairy-free diet can help to naturally ease acne without causing damage to the skin.
Weight Loss 
Cutting dairy out can indeed result in weight loss, but this is due primarily to cutting out calorific foods such as cheese pizza, cream laden carbonara and decadent chocolate desserts. Although a major food group, cutting out dairy can help you cut down on calories and will leave you feeling lighter, fresher and wiser about your food choices.
Top Tips
Keep a dairy diary - Like a food journal, keep a record of all the dairy products you eat throughout the day, and how they have made your digestive system feel. The more symptoms you have, the more you should maybe consider switching to dairy alternatives.
Take it easy & know your body - If you want to change up your diet and try living dairy-free, do so one step at a time, don’t eliminate everything all at once. You may find that your body is able to tolerate certain cheeses , or even a little milk. But if you take it a little bit at a time, like with anything, your body will become use to the absence of dairy, then you can slowly start to leave all dairy behind! Just make sure you’re getting your dose of calcium elsewhere!
Believe it or not, everyone’s favourite comfort food mac & cheese can taste just as good dairy free! From chocolate tarts to carbonara, going dairy-free has never looked so good! The internet is chocked full of delicious dairy-free recipes, but check out some of our favourite recipes below. 
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dairy free salmon cabanara
dairy free chocolate and almond tart
avocado chocolate mousse
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