Best Vegan/Gluten-Free Restaurants in London

veggie and vegan restaurants london
Chef Ben Asamani is the wizard behind 222 Veggie Vegan’s satisfying, fresh and hearty vegan recipes. Asamani has proven through his vegan creations that fresh natural ingredients not only leave you feeling happy and healthy from within but also taste absolutely lush beyond belief. From customer favourites like the seitan stroganoff or the pumpkin and pine nut risotto, these inventive vegan dishes are enough to satisfy even the most devout carnivore lovers. There is no prerequisite to give 222 Veggie a try; you just need to be willing to open your taste buds to the flavourful possibilities of an all vegan cuisine experience.   
222 veggie vegan
With native recipes inspired by the Peruvian Andes, Andina is a hot spot for genuinely fresh, good tasting and all around healthy food. Founder, Martin Morales set out to create his wholesome Peruvian food sanctuary with "Con mucho cariño” (with loving care), a meaningful phrase derived from his upbringing in Lima. The menu is fully packed with ingredients native to the Peruvian Andes, which is then perfectly combined with fresh British produce. A quinoa burger, roasted butternut squash salad or guilty-pleasure pumpkin doughnuts, Andina promises you exciting flavours and recipes that your body will be thanking you for. 
Natural ingredients and healthy eats is no joke for Rude Health Café, as they take their fresh recipes very seriously. From orchards and fields, their ingredients are as clean as they come, nothing artificial and nothing refined. Rude Health’s very own branded products such as granola, porridge, cereals and more are available for purchase online at their website, as well as their many deliciously fresh and new recipes that are posted weekly. You can join in on the healthy eating phenomenon from the comfort of your home, with Rude Health as your expert guide. With their dishes changing on the daily (it’s that fresh), you are guaranteed a unique and rare experience each and every time you decide to go and indulge at Rude Health’s Café. 
rude health cafe
The words " sugar free” may not be the most enticing to those serious sweet tooth’s of the world and might have them convinced that it is not possible to simply substitute the commonly used glucose. Little do they know, Romeo’s Sugar Free Bakery proves that sugar is simply becoming a thing of the past and that cakes and pastries are able to survive without their obvious and at times, key ingredient. By using organic and locally sourced ingredients, cheesecakes, sponge cakes, cookies and brownies have never tasted more fresh, delicious and better yet nutritious! You can have your cake and be healthy too, which means you can enjoy a guilt-free round of seconds. 
romeos sugar free bakery
As a giant supporter of vegetarian, vegan and dairy free diets, Farmacy’s mission is tomaximise your nutritional health through their plant based recipes. Farmacy believes that food is medicine, which is why their innovative recipes are not only meant to taste exquisite but to also nourish and heal the body. Sourced from locally organic UK farms, Farmacy has put together an array of fresh and exciting plant based dishes; from their famous FarmacyBurger, made of millet, black bean & mushroom to their vanilla bean cashew nice cream for a sweet ending, all your bases and cravings are fully covered.  
Heavily influenced by the Australian café culture, Farmgirl is a place that values simple country living, comfort, and above all, pure and healthy dishes that don’t compromise taste. Co-owner and Australian-born, Rose Mann has a deep understanding of what farm style eating is; it is a style that combines only the freshest, most natural and nutritious ingredients there are. This strict style has now been translated into the delicious and health-conscious recipes of Farmgirl and the result; everyone wants a bite out of this hot trend. Rose latte, acai bowl or a sweet kale and coconut salad, Farmgirl is the modern and exciting new version of farm style eating.