Boxing: The Best New Workout

boxing fitness
When it comes to leaning towards a particular discipline to get fit, boxing stands tall and you needn't be Muhammed Ali to derive the benefits. Not only does it increase muscle tone and improve tractability, it also develops upper body strength and strips unwanted fat. As a workout it can't be beaten, as an activity it's unsurpassed. All you need is desire and a place to train and we punched our way through a multitude of contenders to come up with this list of the best boxing gyms around. 
Anthony Joshua’s, "passion project”, is without a doubt the best fight club in London. When the boxing champ opened a shiny, state-of-the-art gym we knew it was going to be more than good, it was going to be knockout. The heavyweight of boxing gyms. Also if you want to look like a Victoria Secret model, you have a solid shot at BXR as Angels, Sara Sampaio and Maryna Linchuk get their jab on here. 
Divided over two floors, BXR is complete with a multi-punitive team of biosphere primary experts, three pay-to-train "Sweat by BXR" studios, and ta gym floor set around a professionally sized boxing ring, classic leather punch bags and more state-of-the-art equipment than you could ever imagine. 
It is an unavoidable fact that East and South East London is far more fruitful ground for boxing gyms than the West of the capital. So when a decent boxing gym arises away from the capital's customary boxer’s core it should be renowned.
This is without a doubt a gym like no other, so roll with the punches and get ready to rumble as Legends offers two evening boxing workouts on every weekday but Friday, and personal boxing coaching on a daily basis.
There are basic boxing gyms, and then there’s FighterFit. Founded in 2008 by Francesco Tavormina, past graduate of Islington Boxing Club, this gym chiefs the pack when it comes to stylish ways to get fit. Offering a range of different classes including power yoga for boxers and vinyasa flow to unwind the muscles. The scrapping clinic for the daring has a contemporary attitude motioned by the nutrition and protein products on sale, seamless for post-workout feasting. 
No two classes are the same at this punch-packing gym and you can be sure to cover a mixture of fighting practices from across the world over the course of extreme sessions. With sparring, cardio and weights circuits all on the program, you’ll be stinging like a bee in no time.
Fight Club meets nightclub at this incredibly flashy boxing studio. Kobe is the only club that allows right hooks and left jabs. So boogie down as you box with their music filled sessions that include strength building and punching bag fusions. rapid, raging and entertaining, Kobox is perfect if you want to break up your customary routine by de-stressing and unleashing those endorphins.