Brand of the Month

July’s brand of the month is the home of the summer print. This season, All Things Mochi combine tropical colours, rainforest prints and ruffled cuts to create worthy additions to your summer wardrobe. Their pieces are unique yet complementary to one another, forming another beautifully coherent collection. They symbolize fun, integrity, unity and empowerment. Mochi fuse tradition with contemporary in perfect equilibrium, while keeping culture at the heart of the brand.
Founder and Designer, Ayah Tabari, has built a brand that encases both style and substance. She wanted to create a brand that was distinctive and meaningful, and upon doing that has appeared at London Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. Her stylish yet practical designs are infused with her charm and charisma.
 All Things Mochi’s inspiration comes from being surrounded by the cultures and communities of which each collection was created. By investing in local talent, creating new jobs and opening doors, they are providing the platform for dreams to become reality and lives to be improved. Now internationally known, Mochi’s mission statement remains the same: to produce collections that reflect and celebrate their creators. This brand supports those behind the scenes, familiarizing themselves with traditions and methods to ensure the collections are a true representation of its origins. Unlike some modern brands, whose clothes alienate themselves from their makers, Mochi manages to breathe life and humanity into their creations. They allow you to wear a story, a tale, a journey.
Deservingly earning our brand of the month, All Things Mochi is our go-to for wearable pieces that can easily take you from day to night. Choose clothes with a background to stand out from the crowd.