Brand Of The Month: Le Toy Van

Our brand of the month will have your inner 5-year-old giddy with excitement. It’s time to ditch plastic play for wonderful wood, as traditional toys are making a comeback led by British brand Le Toy Van

Who would have thought our obsession with plastic starts before we even reach pre-school? Modern toys, if not digital, are almost always plastic and offer little in regard to craftsmanship. That’s what makes Le Toy Van so special. All their wooden toys are ethically made using sustainable materials and designed with children’s imagination in mind. Le Toy Van’s award-winning creations are made to stand the test of time and become treasured family favourites, along with the memories they make.

Founded by George Le Van in 1995, and later joined by his son Steven, the team at Le Toy Van have over 150 years of industry experience. They describe themselves as a ‘small but big-hearted family company’, making a toy from Le Toy Van a gift from one family to another. They are proud to create toys that spark children’s imagination and promote the happiest play.

One of our most loved toys from the collection is Sophie’s House. Beautifully crafted and delicately painted, this traditional style house is finished with charming details such as shutters and patterned wallpaper. Sophie’s House has won the Right Start Toy Award, the Top 100 Baby Products and the Toy Talk Award, not to mention it’s the doll house every little girl dreams of. With Sophie’s House and the rest of the Le Toy Van range, your children can play till their heart’s content and chances are, you’ll want to play too!