Brows Fit For a Duchess


Our brows are arguably the most prized facial features we have, being able to express our moods and emotions instantly. With many of us having at least one (or two) brow disasters in our past, the shameful photographs and Instagram posts that document that time in our lives should be promptly burned and/or deleted. This betrayal of waxing, plucking and tinting, has left us protective over our brows – shuddering at the thought at letting, just anyone, touch our beloved brow hair; and Meghan Markle is no different.
Markle’s eyebrows in question, are the brainchild of Sherrille Riley, founder of Nails & Beauty Mayfair. With over twenty years of experience, Riley’s instinct for achieving elegant defined brows has won her wide recognition and praise from notoriously tricky-to-please beauty and fashion editors, not to mention the clientele of London.
One of the salons signature looks, the "Audrey Brow” is a look loved by many, and was adopted by Markle when she relocated to London in 2016 (to then go on to marry a prince might we add… not jealous at all). As you can guess, the style was originally inspired by Audrey Hepburn; a classic and timeless shape that is a match made in heaven for Markle’s own elegant and natural look.
Thanks to the Beauty Edit Mayfair products, the everyday woman who can’t travel to Mayfair to experience the "Audrey” in the salon, can still experience the lifted brow from the comfort of their own home.
First, use the Brow Styler to brush through brows. Regardless of whether you're sporting barely there thickness or rocking the bushy look, the spoolie brush is an essential step in the at-home ‘Audrey”. The Brow Filler helps create beautifully defined brows with a non-waxy finish, perfect for that natural, light feel. Use the thin but firm nib applicator to mimic brow hairs and create fuller, thicker, more natural looking brows. Coming in three colours, Taupe, Natural Blonde and Dark Dahlia, Riley’s aim was to "create a bespoke range that neutralises brassiness and ashy undertones” – a quote from Riley taken from their own website.
Finally, blend through the brows with the Brow Styler once more, to blend out harsh lines and edges, and then set with the Brow Setter by Beauty Edit Mayfair. The clear brow gel defines and holds your brows for up to 12 hours. Rushing out the door? The Brow Setter can also be used on clean brows to provide definition and hold. Being infused with ingredients such as vitamin B5 and castor oil that promote and strengthen the hairs with every use, the Beauty Edit by Mayfair have got you covered.
So, look in the mirror at your new "Audrey Hepburn” brows à la Meghan Markle, say bye bye to your brow blunders of the past and say hello to the new beauty queen (or Duchess) in front of you.