Can You Drink Your Way To Better Skin?


For years we have been told that drinking more water can help flush out toxins and clear your skin. But we had to ask ourselves, is this a lasting beauty secret or just an old wife’s tale? As it turns out, those eight glasses a day might not promise the porcelain skin you’ve always wanted…

Despite drinking more water being one of the most widely known beauty hacks, there is an overwhelming lack of evidence to support the claim. As a matter of fact, there are very few studies that have been conducted about the topic. This is partly due to water being unable to be patented, so companies won’t fund the research if they are unable to create products or medication that could potentially cover the costs.

However, a review by dermatologist Ronni Wolf at the Kaplan Medical Centre in Israel looked at the effects of long-term water intake on the skin. Participants were split into two groups, both drinking over 2L of water a day, the difference being mineral water or tap water. Although the study recorded changes in the skin physiology (such as thickness and density), this wasn’t translated into the skin’s surface in either group and therefore had no impact on the appearance of wrinkles or smoothness. Other research has made suggestions about the correlation, but none have shown hard scientific evidence.

So, we’re sorry to burst your bubble but drinking more water for better skin is more than likely a myth, although more research is needed to confirm this.

While the amount of water we drink may not affect the outer layer of our skin, it is important for the body to stay hydrated, so don’t hold a grudge against H2O.


A review by Ronni Wolf

The results