Chew On This


Collagen is the most abundant protein that is found in the human body. It’s in our bones, in our muscles, our skin… it practically holds us together. It’s no secret that collagen is the backbone of the skin’s external elasticity and firmness, however it is also vital for our inner health as well. Being found just about everywhere in our bodies, a deficiency in collagen can lead to the deterioration of both our external looks and our internal health.
Enter Ellactiva®. They’ve created three different forms of soft chewable supplements that all release collagen and other goodies like vitamins and minerals into the body, set to help us all lead more holistically healthy lives. This soft chew technology is at the very heart of the advanced Ellactiva® Collagen& range.
The three different chews that belong to this ground-breaking range all have collagen as the main component in the them, with some differing ingredients to further the accomplishment of one of the following: Healthy Bones, Immunity and Energy. Each coming in its own flavour, whether you prefer a refreshing orange taste or a sweet caramel tang on your palate, we can guarantee that you’ll find something you’ll enjoy.
The beauty world has gone crazy for any product containing collagen; and we can see why. Being associated with the signs of ageing, it is common for us to feel joint pain, or see sagging skin and wrinkles, (or as we like to call them, laughter lines) as we mature. This is due to the production of collagen naturally slowing down.
Now, we’re not saying that one must take these supplements religiously and miraculously our lines and aches will disappear. However, taking an oral supplement like the Ellactiva® chews regularly, can give our insides the much needed boost it requires. This then helps to increase the collagen production that we naturally generate ourselves, and that can be found in many different foods that we eat. 
Ellactiva® pride themselves on their transparent approach in business, promising to only provide their customers with the best. In a sector that has its fair share of imposters, it’s a lot easier to get on board with that statement when you look at Ellactiva®’s About page. Having their manufacturing facilities in Switzerland, a country renowned for their state of the art technology; especially within the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical realms, increases their reliability. This means that they are completely trustworthy and given their extensive research, clinical trials and testing, we would say that they know what they’re doing.
So, it’s a win win. Not only can you holistically increase your collagen production to benefit your bones and insides, but you can also kiss the tired skin and aching joints goodbye. Plus, they taste good. What’s not to love?