Complex… Not Complicated

With health supplementation information currently in overload, choosing what vitamin to take can be as overwhelming as walking into Zara on the first day of sales. One either chooses to walk away, or purchase every supplement in site and consequently indulging in a meals-worth of vitamin capsules every morning.

Every individual is unique, but we all want to safeguard our health and feel great each and every day. We all require the 8 essential B-vitamins in order to regulate all body functions and optimise our health, however, we usually are lacking in one or another through personal dietary and lifestyle choices.

That’s where Fast Acting B Complex 25 by True Vits comes to save the excess supplementation and confusion. Each capsule provides all essential B vitamins and is a unique and a science-backed compete complex that helps moderate stress, produce energy, metabolise fat, carbohydrates and proteins, support your skin health and more.

Each veggie capsule is non-dairy, non-GM and has no synthetic binders or fillers. It’s also totally Kosher and Halal compliant.

This truly is the ‘one size fits all’ supplement.