Cult Candles

Nothing says warmth, cosiness, relaxation, homeliness and seduction quite like a candle in the home. It’s an instant hug at the end of the day, a symbol of tranquillity and the shift from suit-and-tie to slippers.

As days grow shorter and temperatures fall, we begin valuing our home space in the evenings even more again. There’s no need to invest in the latest décor piece to transform your home space and create the atmosphere you desire- all it takes is a good quality candle (and flowers never hurt).

We’ve curated our favourite candles for the home that are this season’s necessities. Also, excellent go-to-gifts for any occasion… permission to address to yourself.

Kalmar CALM Candle

A soft, relaxing scent, the Calm Candle offers a heady moment of tranquillity exactly when you need it most, whether that’s after a morning rush, or as you draw an evening bath. Light the Calm Candle. Inhale deeply. As you exhale, release the stresses of your day.

The Muses BE Candle

A unique union of green florals and foliage.  Sweet, wild grass layered with a gentle citrus twist of bergamot and lime.  The subtle woodiness from Himalayan bamboo and the sweet, green tones of violets are topped with a core of lush, rich green foliage. BE is a fresh, inspiring fragrance.  Perfect for your alone time.

Hedonist EDEN Candle

Reimagine your surroundings and awaken the senses with EDEN. A blend of fresh lemongrass and spicy ginger along with the warmth of nutmeg and vanilla will create a new paradise in your home. Feeling over worked and stressed out - where better place to go than EDEN.

EYM Home Candle

What makes Eym candles so special is they’re free from synthetics- so you can burn away, without worrying that harmful chemicals are filling up your living space. Every candle is tailored to a specific part of your wellbeing, and each unique blend is composed using high quality essential oils. The beautiful mix of chamomile, rose and geranium essential oils found in this candle create a welcoming, homely smell, universal to every room in the house.