De-Stress and Decompress Right Now

The secret behind managing or dealing with the stresses of life lies in the way you choose to relieve yourself of some of the pressure you feel. Below are three different ways in which you can de-stress and decompress for a little while!
When you think de-stress, we think detox! Get rid of all those negative thoughts as you remove impurities from your skin with the Teami Blends Green Tea Detox Mask. Make sure to combine all this with a long soak in the bath tub accompanied with the Wild Source Detox Salt Scrub and their Detox Bath Soak too. Finish off with a luxurious feeling moisturiser such as the Under Your Skin Organic Body Lotion or the Huxley Glow Awakening Cream for your face!
We’re always told that exercise gives us endorphins so why not join the club and sweat out the stress all whilst looking good in the latest P.E Nation active wear! Try out the Aspendos Crop and the Flight Series Legging for low-medium impact workouts or wear them while practising your best yoga moves for some light stretching or meditation. If you prefer a more intense workout then be sure to pick up the Ko Legging in Navy alongside the matching Figure Four Crop in Navy and Intensity Jacket to protect you from the wind and rain throughout the colder months.
You always see that moment in the movies where the main character has the worst day ever and then finds herself having the most outrageous shopping spree of her life – this is just like that but a lot more scaled back! Retail therapy doesn’t have to consist of spending huge amounts of money but rather a chance for you to purchase a couple of things that will be good for you or your well-being. The best essentials can always be found in cute gift boxes though so choose: The Glow Box for beautiful glowing skin, The Hair Box for a full on salon experience in the comfort of your own home or The Wellness Box x Soraya Bakhtiar for the best mind and body pick-me-up!