Discover Hayo'U

Introducing the designer who can turn a tired, dull, stressed you into the radiant and relaxed gal (or guy) you deserve to be. With self-treatment methods inspired by Chinese Medicine, the one-minute rituals address stress by making the smallest of changes to your routine. With a range of beauty products and tools, Hayo'U will help you turn over a new, stress-free leaf.
Stress is a normal, and healthy, bodily function that we all experience, it would be virtually impossible to eliminate it from our lives completely. Hayo'U aims to reduce long term stress. It's this kind of chronic stress that can cause
inflammation, which often works behind the scenes of many modern-day illnesses. Hayo'U 's rituals help to relax, increase circulation and aid detoxification, all in a mere 60 seconds.
They provide stress solutions we can all benefit from. Their De-Stress Face tool acts like natural botox, stimulating the support of collagen and elastane production to reveal radiant, youthful skin. When used regularly, you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and smooth your skin without the pain (and expense) of botox treatments. The De-Stress Shower Minerals contains Himalayan Pink Salt to help you release stress, tension and improve your skins natural hydration.
We stock these two products (and more!) online at Oxygen Boutique. From the Beauty Restorer ritual to Mineral Bathing – this designer has stress under control inside and out. 
Check out Hayo'U 's website for product advice before use.