Does Charcoal Toothpaste Really Work?

Charcoal toothpaste
We love the idea of achieving the brightest pearly whites without the costly bill, who doesn’t? Charcoal has earned itself a good rep in the beauty industry, so surely the toothpaste will follow suit? It’s not all black and white. Here is everything you need to know before you start brushing.
How does it work?
The charcoal used in the toothpastes isn’t the same as the stuff you BBQ over, it is in fact Activated Charcoal. This means it has been treated to make its surface particles porous. These particles attach themselves to other particles, like a magnet, and absorb them. They are then brushed away along with the toothpaste to reveal whiter looking teeth. 
Is it safe to use?
There have been concerns that charcoal toothpaste can be abrasive, but other have argued that it is not in contact with your teeth long enough to cause any damage. If you have any worries or questions, we advise speaking to your dentist.
Will it whiten my teeth?
The question on everyone’s lips (and teeth), will it actually whiten my teeth? In short, not really. Charcoal toothpaste cannot whiten the teeth, as such. But that doesn’t mean it won’t work at all. The key thing to understand is the difference between the removal of surface stains and the whitening of the tooth. Surface stains are exactly that, stains on the surface of your teeth. These are caused by the usual culprits such as coffee, red wine, tobacco and other dark coloured foods. Charcoal toothpaste can help remove these stains, resulting in whiter looking teeth. However, for the tooth’s colour to become whiter, penetration below the surface layer is necessary. And we’re sorry to say, charcoal toothpaste just can’t do this. Cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as bleaching treatments, can penetrate deeper into the tooth, allowing the colour to be changed. So not all hope is lost.
How often should I use it?
So, now we’ve established what it does and how it does it, how often should you be using it? Charcoal toothpaste cannot replace your normal toothpaste as it does not contain enough fluoride to protect your teeth against decay. Each product will advise how often you should use it, so it’s best to check the back of the box.
The Verdict
Charcoal Toothpaste won’t whiten your teeth, but it can help remove surface stains to give the illusion of a whiter smile. It is certainly cheaper than cosmetic dental treatment, so it is more than worth a try.