Does The Idea Of Sex Toys Rub You Up The Wrong Way? Let Us Change Your Mind

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More and more women, and men, are seeking the help of sex toys. As a matter of fact, a study of 3000 people across the UK aged 18-50 showed 89% of women and 41% of men admitted to owning a sex toy or accessory.

Toys are a great way to amp up solo sex or shake things up with your partner. However, buying can be daunting. They come in all kinds of weird and wonderful shapes that get you wondering ‘where does that bit go?’. Not to mention company’s ‘discrete packaging’ that makes you feel like you’re smuggling dildos into your home. But once you realise how beneficial sex toys can be to your health, you won’t think twice about ordering a new playmate.

Female masturbation - for ladies going it alone…

It can improve pelvic floor strength

As you orgasm, the muscles deep inside contract in the same way as when you perform your pelvic floor exercises. Except this feels way better than lying on the floor and thrusting.

It boosts your mood and helps you relax

Feel good endorphins and hormones are released when you self-love, helping relieve tension and stress.

It’ll give you confidence

Sex stage fright is real. But when you’ve got no one to impress other than yourself, you can get frisky worry free. Also, using a toy can help you find what works for you and give you confidence in the bedroom. When you know what makes you tick, don’t be afraid to let your partner know.

It can help prevent infections

Our vaginas are pretty good at looking after themselves. A process known as ‘tenting’, when the cervix opens and stretches during arousal, can help prevent any unwanted infections. ‘Tenting’ enables fluid circulation, thus flushing out cervical fluids containing bacteria.

When it takes two…

Spice things up

It’s natural to experience a sex life lull. Experimenting with sex toys can breathe life back into the bedroom. And if things go wrong, having a good giggle soon solves the problem.

Multi-task and climax quicker

Four out of five women can’t orgasm through sexual intercourse alone, so it’s often necessary to multi-task. Using a toy for clitoral stimulation will not only help you reach climax, but he’ll get something out of watching you too.

Can’t wait to get started? These orgasmic toys will get you going in no time.