Meet our New Beauty brand ebo


ebo Founder Kirstie has worked in the beauty and wellbeing industry for 25 years. She co-founded the natural skincare range 'Balance Me' 15 years ago.

'ebo' was created when Kirstie saw a gap in the beauty market for a range that was 100% natural, eco and in sync with Nature.

We naturally crave different foods and wear different clothing through the changing seasons, but our skincare largely remains the same. ebo delivers seasonal skincare solutions.

ebo winter, spring, summer and autumn facial oils are formulated specifically to nourish the skin with shots of nutrients and vitamins through the changing weather conditions of the year . You wouldn't wear a Winter coat in Summer - your skin has different needs too.

Matching skincare to the seasons like this helps meet skin's fluctuating needs at different times of the year and keeps us in sync with nature.

ebo formulations centre on essential beauty oils that work with your own skin science to stabilise natural oil production, as well as uplift your mood with aromatherapy scents.

ebo’s bestselling babyface bar, packed with heavyweight skincare ingredients - but kind enough to be used on newborns - was declared 'Best soap cleanser' by Beauty Industry Guru Nadine Baggot on her youtube channel and is fast becoming a cult cleanser as customers search for plastic free solutions.

ebo Everyday Detox Body Oil is currently recommended in Tatler Magazine.

ebo offers affordable luxury - for everyday use, delivering visible results , because Self Care in Not Just For Sundays.

be more ebo.